Street Food Deep Fried

Street Food Deep Fried

In the casual game Street Food Deep Fried, players get to enjoy a variety of mouthwatering fried street meals. Players get to sample a range of delectable delights that are often available in street food booths


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Street Food Deep Fried is a casual game where players get to experience the joy of trying various delicious fried street foods. From fried onion blossoms to corn crisps, French fries, chicken popcorn, and the popular corn dog, players get to explore a variety of mouthwatering treats typically found in street food stalls.


Controls Guide:

  • Mouse Click: Interact with the game, select options, and prepare food.
  • Touch Screen: If playing on a mobile device, use touch gestures to interact.

How to Play:

  1. Introduction: When you start the game, you'll be greeted with the bustling streets filled with fast food kiosks and eager customers.

  2. Choose Your Food Stand: Select the fast food kiosk you'd like to operate. Each kiosk specializes in a different type of fried street food.

  3. Serve Customers: Customers will start lining up at your kiosk, eager to try your delicious fried treats. Click or tap on a customer to take their order.

  4. Prepare the Orders:

    • Fried Onion Blossoms: Slice onions, dip them in batter, and deep fry until golden brown.
    • Corn Crisps: Dip corn kernels in batter, then fry until crispy.
    • French Fries: Cut potatoes into strips, fry until golden and crispy.
    • Chicken Popcorn: Bread chicken pieces, then deep fry until crispy and golden.
    • Corn Dog: Dip hot dogs in cornmeal batter, then fry until golden and cooked through.
  5. Follow the Recipes: Each type of fried food has its own recipe. Follow the on-screen instructions to prepare the food correctly.

  6. Cooking Process:

    • Preparation: Gather the ingredients needed for the dish.
    • Cooking: Click or tap at the right time to mix, fry, and cook the food to perfection.
    • Timing: Pay attention to the cooking time and temperature to avoid burning the food.
  7. Serve Hot: Once the food is cooked to perfection, serve it to the waiting customers. Click or tap on the customer who ordered the dish to give it to them.

  8. Collect Payment: Customers will pay for their orders after receiving their food. Click or tap on the money they leave on the counter to collect it.

  9. Upgrade Your Kiosk: As you earn money from serving customers, you can use it to upgrade your kiosk. Improve cooking equipment, add new recipes, or decorate your stall to attract more customers.

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