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Simulation games of the tycoon type are referred to as Video Game Tycoons. The objective of this particular game is to construct and grow a profitable game production company. Players assume the role of creators and managers of game studios. Since idle clicker features don't require human interaction or clicking, players can advance through the game without actively clicking, making for a more leisurely gaming experience.


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Video Game Tycoon is a genre of simulation games known as a "tycoon" game. In this specific game, players take on the role of a game studio creator and manager, tasked with building and expanding a successful game development company. The inclusion of idle clicker elements implies that players can progress through the game even if they are not actively clicking or interacting, allowing for a more relaxed gaming experience. Here's an overview based on the description you provided:


Genre: Tycoon, Simulation, Idle Clicker, Business Strategy

Key Features:

  1. Game Studio Management: Players are in charge of running a game studio company. This involves making key decisions about game development, staff management, and business strategy.

  2. Platform Variety: Develop games for a variety of platforms, including PC/Computer, consoles, and mobile. This adds a layer of complexity to gameplay as each platform may have different requirements and audiences.

  3. Business Expansion: The primary goal is to expand the game studio business as much as possible. This may involve growing the team, exploring new markets, and increasing the variety and quality of games produced.

  4. Idle Clicker Mechanics: The game incorporates idle clicker mechanics, where players can progress and earn rewards even when not actively interacting with the game. This often involves automatic income generation and progression.

  5. Mobile Gaming Market Focus: The specific focus on becoming the leader in the mobile gaming market adds a competitive element to the gameplay. Players need to make strategic decisions to capture a significant share of the mobile gaming industry.

  6. Financial Management: Manage the financial aspects of the game studio, including budgeting, resource allocation, and revenue generation from game sales.

  7. Creative Decisions: Make creative decisions related to game development, such as choosing genres, themes, and features for each game.

  8. Upgrades and Research: Upgrade the studio and conduct research to unlock new technologies, game genres, and other enhancements.

End Goal: The ultimate objective is to achieve success and dominance in the mobile gaming market, establishing the game studio as a leader in the industry.

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