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Tapus Skating Adventure

Tapus Skating Adventure

Tapu's Skating Adventure appears to be an adventure game where players help the character Tapu collect coins, perform tricks, and avoid crashes while skateboarding. The game likely involves navigating through different environments while completing various objectives.



Tapu's Skating Adventure is available on a specific gaming platform or app store, you can find more detailed information, controls, and tips within the game or on the platform's website. Additionally, user reviews and community discussions may provide insights into the gameplay experience and strategies for success.


Possible Controls:

  • Swipe Controls: Use swipes on the screen to control Tapu's movement and perform tricks.
    • Swipe Left/Right: Change direction.
    • Swipe Up/Down: Perform different tricks or maneuvers.
  • Tap Controls (if applicable): Tap on the screen for actions like jumping or collecting coins.


  1. Coin Collection: Collect coins scattered throughout the level to earn points.
  2. Trick Performance: Perform tricks and stunts to accumulate extra points.
  3. Obstacle Avoidance: Navigate Tapu through the environment, avoiding obstacles and potential hazards.
  4. Objective Completion: Achieve specific objectives or challenges within each level.
  5. Level Progression: Advance through different levels, each potentially offering new challenges.

Objective: The primary objective is likely to accumulate a high score by collecting coins, performing tricks, and successfully navigating through the game's environment without crashing.


  • Skateboarding Theme: The game centers around Tapu's skateboarding adventure.
  • Coins and Points System: Collect coins to earn points and potentially unlock new features.
  • Trick System: Perform various tricks for additional points and entertainment.
  • Level Variety: Encounter different environments and challenges as you progress.


  • Master Tricks: Learn and master different tricks to maximize your score.
  • Observe the Environment: Be attentive to obstacles and plan your moves accordingly.
  • Complete Objectives: Achieve level-specific objectives for additional rewards.

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