In the simulation game Sword Life, users assume the role of a blacksmith. Your goal in this game is to make the best swords possible by sourcing premium materials and then turning a profit on them. You may become a master blacksmith and make legendary swords with smart crafting, client relations, and company management.


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Sword Life is a simulation game where players take on the role of a blacksmith. In this game, you are tasked with creating the best swords by obtaining high-quality materials and then selling them for profit. With strategic crafting, customer interactions, and business management, you can become a master blacksmith and create legendary swords. Here's a guide on the controls and how to play:


Controls Guide and How to Play Sword Life:

  1. Objective:

    • In Sword Life, your goal is to become a successful blacksmith by crafting high-quality swords and selling them to customers.
    • You must gather materials, use your skills to craft swords, and manage your business to earn profits.
  2. Gameplay:

    • You start the game as a novice blacksmith with basic tools and resources.
    • As you progress, you will unlock better materials, tools, and customers with unique preferences.
  3. Materials and Crafting:

    • Obtain materials such as metal ores, rare gems, and other resources needed for sword-making.
    • These materials can be gathered from mines, forests, or purchased from vendors in the game.
  4. Forging Swords:

    • Use the materials you've gathered to craft swords at your forge.
    • The quality of the swords you craft will depend on the materials used and your blacksmithing skills.
  5. Controls:

    • Mouse (PC) / Touch (Mobile):

      • Click or tap on various elements in the game to interact with them.
      • Use this to select materials, tools, and options.
    • Drag and Drop (PC) / Swipe (Mobile):

      • Drag materials from your inventory onto the forge to start crafting a sword.
      • Drag finished swords to the sales area to put them up for sale.
    • Button Controls (PC) / Touch Controls (Mobile):

      • Look for on-screen buttons or icons to perform specific actions.
      • These buttons may appear when you interact with tools, materials, or customers.

Example Gameplay:

  • Gather materials such as iron ore, gold, and precious gems from mines and forests.
  • Bring the materials back to your forge and begin crafting swords by dragging materials onto the forge.
  • Experiment with different material combinations to create swords of varying qualities and attributes.
  • Place the finished swords on display in the sales area to attract customers.
  • Interact with customers as they visit your shop, and sell them swords that match their preferences.
  • Use the money earned to purchase better materials, upgrade your forge, and expand your workshop.
  • Manage your resources, craft high-quality swords, and grow your blacksmithing business into a successful empire.