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Idle Factory

It looks like the game Idle Factory is a kind of idle tycoon where the player's job is to create and run a factory. The goal is to expand the company through employee employment, production process automation, and gradual wealth accumulation. To access various services, including managing your factory, hiring employees, and making upgrades, navigate through the in-game menus.


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Idle Factory is likely an idle tycoon-style game where players are tasked with building and managing a factory business. The objective is to grow the business by hiring workers, automating production processes, and accumulating wealth over time. Navigate through in-game menus to access different features, such as managing your factory, hiring workers, and making upgrades. Here's a general overview based on the provided description:


Game Concept:

  • Genre: Idle, Tycoon, Simulation.
  • Objective: Build and expand a factory business by hiring workers, upgrading machinery, and accumulating wealth.

Key Features:

  1. Factory Building: Start with a basic factory and gradually expand it by adding new production units and facilities.
  2. Hire Workers: Recruit and hire workers to operate various aspects of the factory. Workers contribute to the production process, even when the player is not actively playing (idle gameplay).
  3. Grinding Mechanism: Engage in a grind to collect resources or currency. This grinding aspect is likely a core mechanic for progressing in the game.
  4. Business Expansion: The main goal is to slowly build up the factory business, unlocking new features and capabilities as you accumulate wealth.
  5. Wealth Accumulation: The ultimate objective is to become rich by efficiently managing the factory and making strategic decisions.
  6. Upgrades: Invest in upgrading machinery and other elements of the factory to enhance production efficiency and increase overall wealth generation.
  7. Idle Progression: Idle games often feature an idle progression system where the game continues to run and generate resources even when the player is not actively interacting.

Gameplay Elements:

  1. Managerial Decisions: Make strategic decisions about which areas of the factory to upgrade, which resources to focus on, and how to optimize production.
  2. Achievements and Goals: Work towards achievements and goals that provide rewards and contribute to the overall progression of the game.

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