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In the simulation game FreelancerSim, users take on the role of a freelancer who works from home to make money. In order to make money, players can select between typing jobs and virus detonation duties. The primary objectives are to take care of your money, get requirements for your house, and stay away from hunger and other situations that can force you to start again.


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FreelancerSim is a simulation game that puts players in the shoes of a freelancer working from home to earn money. Players can choose between typing jobs or virus detonation tasks to earn income. The main goal is to manage your finances, buy necessities for your home, and avoid hunger or other challenges that could lead to starting over. Here's a guide to the controls and how to play:


How to Play FreelancerSim:

1. Start as a Freelancer:

  • Begin the game in your humble home office setup.
  • Choose between typing jobs or virus detonation tasks to earn money.

2. Earning Money:

  • Typing Jobs: Sit at your computer and type the required words accurately.
    • Press the R key to type out the words that appear on the screen.
    • Complete tasks quickly and accurately to earn more money.
  • Virus Detonation Tasks: Use your skills to eliminate viruses on clients' computers.
    • Visit infected computers, access the virus, and detonate it by pressing F.
    • Earn money based on the number and complexity of viruses eliminated.

3. Managing Finances:

  • Keep an eye on your earnings displayed in the inventory (Tab).
  • Use the money you earn to buy necessities such as food, water, and utilities.
  • Purchase upgrades for your home office to increase efficiency and earn more.

4. Survival and Progression:

  • Hunger and thirst are essential factors to monitor. If you neglect them, your character may suffer.
  • Buy food and water from the store to stay healthy and avoid starvation or dehydration.
  • If your character dies from hunger or neglect, you'll start over with a new freelancer.

5. Home Management:

  • Customize your home office with furniture, decorations, and equipment upgrades.
  • Improve your workspace to enhance productivity and earnings.
  • Keep an organized inventory of tools, supplies, and earned items.

6. Career Advancement:

  • Progress through different levels of typing jobs and virus detonation tasks.
  • Unlock higher-paying clients, more challenging viruses, and better-paying opportunities.
  • Aim to become a top freelancer with a thriving home business.

7. Challenges and Events:

  • Encounter unexpected events, such as computer malfunctions or power outages.
  • Adapt to challenges and find creative solutions to maintain your income.
  • Participate in special events or limited-time opportunities for bonus earnings.

8. Achievements and Goals:

  • Work towards achieving in-game milestones and objectives.
  • Earn achievements for reaching specific targets, unlocking new content, and gaining recognition.
  • Set personal goals to improve your typing speed, virus detection skills, and financial management.

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