Eating Simulator

Eating Simulator

The main goal of the clicker game Eating Simulator is to enlarge and grow your character by eating different kinds of food. The basic yet addictive mechanic of the game is clicking to eat, seeing your character develop, and carefully allocating your resources to advance.


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Eating Simulator is a clicker game where the primary objective is to grow and expand your character by consuming various foods. In essence, the game revolves around the simple yet addictive mechanic of clicking to eat, watching your character grow, and strategically using your resources to progress further. It's designed to be a fun and humorous take on the clicker genre, often featuring quirky animations and exaggerated food items for players to enjoy.



Eating Simulator appears to be a mobile game where the objective is to grow by consuming food. As you progress, you can upgrade and level up by potentially selling the consumed food.


The description mentions it's a funny clicker game. Clicker games typically involve repetitive clicking to achieve in-game goals.

Controls and Gameplay (possible mechanics):

  • Clicking: Clicking might be the primary way to make your character consume food.
  • Selling Food: Selling the eaten food could be a way to earn in-game currency for upgrades.
  • Upgrades: Upgrading might enhance your character's ability to consume food or gain benefits like increased size.

Overall Tone:

The provided information suggests the game has a humorous theme.

Disclaimer: It's important to note that without playing the game directly, it's impossible to provide a definitive explanation of all controls and mechanics.

Additional Information:

  • There exists a mobile game called "Eating Simulator: Physics Food" where players use physics to interact with food items. This might be the game you're referring to, but it's crucial to rely on official sources for detailed information.

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