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Drift Car Extreme Simulator

Drift Car Extreme Simulator

The thrill and intensity of drift racing are the main themes of Game Tap's mobile racing game, Drift Car Extreme Simulator. In an extreme car simulator, drive CarX—likely a high-performance vehicle—to get the best drift car racing experience. The game makes the implication that driving sports cars may be improved through drift racing, which may allude to a skill growth system. Based on the given description, the following is a summary:


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Drift Car Extreme Simulator by Game Tap is a mobile racing game that focuses on the excitement and intensity of drift racing. Drive CarX, likely a high-performance car, to achieve the ultimate drift car racing experience in an extreme car simulator. The game suggests that playing drift racing can help improve your skills in driving sports cars, possibly hinting at a skill progression system. Here's a summary based on the provided description:


Controls Guide:

  1. Acceleration/Throttle: Use the on-screen pedal icon or a designated button to accelerate your drift car.
  2. Braking/Reverse: Control the braking or reverse function using an on-screen pedal icon or a designated button.
  3. Steering: Tilt your device or use on-screen steering controls to steer your drift car left or right.
  4. Handbrake: There's a separate handbrake button for initiating and controlling drifts. Tap this button to perform drift maneuvers.
  5. Coins Collection: Collect coins during your drifts to earn rewards and possibly unlock new cars or upgrades.

How to Play:

  1. Drift Racing: Engage in drift races where the objective is to drift as much as possible to earn points and coins.
  2. High-Speed Drifting: Experience high-speed drifting with performance cars, pushing them to their limits.
  3. Skill Improvement: The game suggests that playing drift racing can improve your sports car driving skills.
  4. Earn Coins: Drift skillfully to avoid crashing and earn coins. These coins can be used for unlocking new cars or upgrading existing ones.
  5. Avoid Crashes: Show off your drifting skills while avoiding collisions with side walls or obstacles.

Additional Features:

  1. Realistic 3D Animation: Enjoy realistic 3D animations, especially deep smoke effects during intense drifting.
  2. Handbrake Mechanism: The game provides a separate handbrake button for precise control over your drift maneuvers.
  3. Car Customization: Some games allow you to customize your cars, either aesthetically or by upgrading their performance.

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