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Drawn to Life

Drawn to Life

Players can create their own characters, weapons, accessories, platforms, and other in-game elements in the 2D action-adventure game Drawn to Life. THQ released the game, which was created by 5th Cell. In 2007, it was first made available on the Nintendo DS.


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Drawn to Life is a 2D action-adventure game where players have the unique ability to draw their own characters, weapons, accessories, platforms, and various in-game objects. The game was developed by 5th Cell and published by THQ. It was initially released for the Nintendo DS in 2007.

Drawn to Life


Gameplay Overview:

  1. Drawing Elements:

    • The central feature of "Drawn to Life" is the ability for players to draw and create various in-game elements. This includes the protagonist (the Hero), weapons, vehicles, platforms, and more.
  2. Storyline:

    • The game has a narrative-driven structure where players embark on a journey to save a fictional world called Raposa Village from an encroaching darkness known as the Shadow. The player's drawn creations become essential in progressing through the levels and solving puzzles.
  3. Controls:

    • The specific controls can vary based on the platform, but on the Nintendo DS, players typically use the stylus to draw and interact with the game. The D-pad or buttons may be used for movement and other actions.
  4. Drawing Interface:

    • Players can access a drawing interface where they create characters and objects. The game interprets the drawings and incorporates them into the game world. The level of creativity in drawing often influences gameplay.
  5. Game Progression:

    • Players progress through various levels, encountering enemies, puzzles, and challenges. The drawn elements play a crucial role in overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies.

How to Play:

  1. Create Your Hero:

    • At the beginning of the game, players draw their own protagonist, known as the Hero. This character becomes the main playable avatar throughout the adventure.
  2. Drawing Objects:

    • As the game progresses, players continue to draw objects, tools, and accessories to aid in their quest. This can include weapons, vehicles, and items needed to navigate levels.
  3. Interact with the World:

    • Use the drawn elements to interact with the environment, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies. The creativity of the drawn elements influences the gameplay experience.
  4. Advance the Story:

    • Progress through the levels, uncover the storyline, and interact with characters in Raposa Village. The overarching goal is to save the village from the encroaching darkness.

Drawn to Life is praised for its innovative concept of integrating player-created content into the game world, allowing for a personalized and engaging experience. Keep in mind that specific controls and features can vary based on the platform and version of the game.

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