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City Cleaner 3D Tractor Simulator

City Cleaner 3D Tractor Simulator

Driving garbage transport trucks to gather and move waste throughout the city appears to be the objective of the simulation game City Cleaner 3D Tractor Simulator. Operate garbage transport vehicles, gather and move waste throughout the city to specified areas.


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City Cleaner 3D Tractor Simulator seems to be a simulation game where players drive garbage transport trucks to collect and transport garbage in the city. Drive garbage transport trucks, collect garbage in the city, and transport it to designated locations. Below is a generic guide on how such simulator games are typically played, including common controls:


  • Controls:

    • Acceleration/Deceleration: Use designated keys, buttons, or joystick controls to control the speed of the garbage transport truck.
    • Steering: Use the arrow keys, WASD keys, or a joystick to steer the truck.
    • Braking: Apply brakes using a designated key or button.
    • Mission-Specific Controls: Some missions may involve additional controls, such as lifting or lowering the garbage collection mechanism.
  • Gameplay Elements:

    1. Garbage Collection: Drive through the city to collect garbage from designated locations.
    2. Transportation: Load collected garbage onto the truck and transport it to specific destinations.
    3. Checkpoints/Missions: Complete missions by reaching checkpoints or designated areas within a time limit.
    4. City Environment: Navigate through realistic 3D city environments with traffic, pedestrians, and various obstacles.
    5. Dumping Locations: Dispose of the garbage at designated dumping locations.
  • Visuals and Sound:

    • Graphics: Experience 3D graphics, providing a realistic portrayal of the city and the garbage transport truck.
    • Sound Effects: Enjoy immersive sound effects, including engine sounds and environmental noises.
  • Level Progression:

    • Completing Missions: Successfully complete missions by efficiently collecting and transporting garbage.
    • City Exploration: Explore different areas of the city as you progress through levels.
  • Success/Failure:

    • Mission Success: Achieve the objectives within the given time to complete the mission successfully.
    • Mission Failure: Fail to complete the mission within the time limit or meet specific criteria.

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