Boat Simulator 2

Boat Simulator 2

Players can practice operating a variety of watercraft, including submarines, by playing the simulation game Boat Simulator 2. There are two distinct environments in the game for players to explore.


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Boat Simulator 2 is a simulation game that provides players with the opportunity to learn how to drive various types of water vehicles, including submarines. The game features two landscapes for players to explore. Here's a summary of the key features and controls mentioned in the description:


Key Features:

  1. Learn to Drive: The game focuses on allowing players to learn how to drive four types of water vehicles, with a particular highlight on driving a submarine.

  2. Water Vehicles: Players can expect to operate various water vehicles, each likely offering a unique driving experience.

  3. Landscapes: The game offers two landscapes for players to explore while navigating their water vehicles.

Controls Guide:

The provided controls guide outlines the key commands for operating the vehicles and adjusting the in-game camera. Here are the controls mentioned:

  • WASD/Arrows: Drive the water vehicle using the designated keys.
  • V: Change between different boats available in the game.
  • C: Change the camera perspective.
  • RMB (Right Mouse Button): Move the in-game camera.
  • Wheel MB (Mouse Wheel): Zoom in or out.
  • H/J: Hide control instruction/hide control sliders.
  • For Submarine: There is a slider to control the depth of the submarine.

How to Play:

While the description doesn't provide explicit details on gameplay objectives, simulation games typically involve exploring the environment, completing tasks or challenges, and mastering the controls of the vehicles.

Players can use the provided controls to drive the boats, switch between different vehicles, change camera angles, and control the depth of the submarine. Exploring the landscapes and possibly engaging in activities related to each type of water vehicle may be part of the gameplay.

Additional Tips:

  • Explore the in-game settings or tutorials for more detailed instructions.
  • Experiment with different vehicles and landscapes to fully experience the game.

For the most accurate and detailed information about controls and gameplay mechanics, players are encouraged to refer to the in-game tutorials, official documentation, or community forums associated with "Boat Simulator 2." Additionally, if the game is available on digital distribution platforms, the store page may provide insights into the game's features and user reviews.

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