BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife Life Simulator

In the text-based life simulation game BitLife: Life Simulator, users can choose different paths in life and mold the course of their virtual avatar. The game allows players to experience the effects of their choices from birth to old life.


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BitLife: Life Simulator is a text-based life simulation game that allows players to make various life choices and shape the destiny of their virtual character Developed by Candywriter. The game spans from birth to old age, letting players experience the consequences of their decisions.


Controls Guide:

The controls for BitLife are generally straightforward, as it is a text-based game with a point-and-click interface. The primary controls involve tapping or clicking on the available options presented to you during different life stages.

How to Play:

  1. Start as a Baby: Begin the game as a newborn baby and make crucial decisions that will influence your character's life.

  2. Make Choices: As you progress through the game, you'll be presented with various life choices. These choices can include education, career, relationships, and more.

  3. Choose a Path: Decide whether you want to lead a virtuous life, pursue a successful career, engage in criminal activities, or explore various other life paths.

  4. Experience Consequences: Every decision you make has consequences, affecting your character's happiness, health, and success.

  5. Age and Grow Old: Watch your character age over time, experiencing different life stages, from childhood to old age.

  6. Interact with Events: Engage in events such as relationships, marriages, having children, and dealing with unexpected situations.

  7. Career Choices: Select your career path, pursue education, and climb the career ladder to achieve success.

  8. Financial Management: Manage your finances by making wise investments, buying properties, and handling unexpected expenses.

  9. Legacy and Achievements: See the impact of your life choices by exploring the achievements, relationships, and legacy you leave behind.


  1. Experiment with Choices: BitLife encourages experimentation, so don't be afraid to explore different life paths and see the outcomes.

  2. Read the Text: Since it's a text-based game, carefully read the options and descriptions to make informed decisions.

  3. Try Different Scenarios: Create different scenarios to see how your character's life unfolds under various circumstances.

  4. Achievements and Challenges: Explore the game's achievements and challenges to add extra goals and objectives to your gameplay.

  5. Have Fun: BitLife is designed for entertainment, so have fun exploring the diverse possibilities and outcomes in the game.

The game is known for its extensive range of choices and the unpredictability of life events, making each playthrough unique. Whether you aim for a successful and fulfilling life or want to see what happens in more unconventional scenarios, BitLife offers a wide range of possibilities.

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