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BitLife BR - Simulação de vida

BitLife BR - Simulação de vida

Candywriter, LLC is the developer of the life simulation game BitLife BR - Simulação de vida. Players can live a virtual existence in the game and make decisions that affect the path their character takes in life. In addition to choosing a character's gender, players can also decide on the character's relationships, education, and employment.


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BitLife BR - Simulação de vida is a life simulation game developed by Candywriter, LLC. The game allows players to live a virtual life, making various choices that impact their character's life journey. Players can choose their character's gender, make decisions on education, career, relationships, and more.


Here's a general guide on how life simulation games like BitLife are typically played:

  1. Character Creation:

    • Choose the gender and name of your character.
  2. Life Choices:

    • Navigate through various life stages, starting from birth to old age.
    • Make decisions on education, career, relationships, and activities.
    • Choices can impact character attributes, health, happiness, and wealth.
  3. Decision-making:

    • Encounter various scenarios and make decisions by choosing from available options.
    • Decisions can lead to positive or negative consequences and affect the character's stats.
  4. Random Events:

    • Experience random events and challenges that add unpredictability to the gameplay.
  5. Relationships:

    • Build relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners.
    • Choices in relationships can lead to marriage, children, and family dynamics.
  6. Career and Education:

    • Choose a career path and pursue education to improve job prospects.
    • Advance in the chosen career or explore different professions.
  7. Health and Wellness:

    • Monitor the character's health, seek medical treatment, and make lifestyle choices.
  8. Legacy and Achievements:

    • Track the character's achievements and legacy as the game progresses.
    • Attempt to fulfill various in-game achievements.

As for "BitLife BR - Simulação de vida," specific controls and gameplay details may vary. Players are encouraged to explore the in-game tutorial, settings, or any available guides within the app for information on controls and how to play.

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