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Bhide Pickle Delivery

Bhide Pickle Delivery

In what appears to be a lighthearted game, players assist the character Bhide in delivering unique pickles and papads prepared by Madhvi Bhabhi to devoted clients during the summer.



Bhide Pickle Delivery seems to be a casual game where players help the character Bhide deliver special pickles and papads made by Madhvi Bhabhi to loyal customers during the summer season.


Possible Controls:

  • Tap/Click Controls: Use tap or click controls to interact with the game.
    • Tap on Screen: To initiate actions, select items, or navigate through the game.
  • Swipe Controls (if applicable): Swipe gestures for certain actions or movements.


  1. Order Requests: Receive order requests for special pickles and papads from Madhvi Bhabhi's loyal customers.
  2. Prepare Deliveries: Collect and prepare the required items for delivery.
  3. Navigate the Map: Use the tap or click controls to navigate Bhide through the game environment, potentially a map or different locations.
  4. Deliver to Customers: Reach the loyal customers and deliver the special pickles and papads.
  5. Earn Points/Rewards: Successfully completing deliveries may earn points or rewards.

Objective: The primary objective is likely to fulfill the order requests, deliver the items to loyal customers, and potentially earn rewards or progress in the game.


  • Seasonal Theme: Set during the summer season, with a focus on delivering mango pickles and papads.
  • Characters from "Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah": Features characters such as Bhide and Madhvi Bhabhi from the popular Indian TV show.
  • Delivery Challenges: May include challenges such as navigating through the map efficiently or managing time for timely deliveries.a

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