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Amazing Car Stunt Track

Amazing Car Stunt Track

An incredible racing game for cars called Amazing Car Stunt Track takes place on impossibly high suspended courses. In order to cross the finish line, players must execute risky stunts and manoeuvres, giving them the thrill of fast racing. Take in the breath-taking vistas from above while competing on unattainable courses. New features, vehicles, and tracks may be added on a regular basis to improve playability.


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Amazing Car Stunt Track is an exhilarating car racing game set on impossible tracks suspended high in the sky. Players experience the thrill of high-speed racing, performing daring stunts and maneuvers to reach the finish line. Experience breathtaking views from high above as you race on impossible tracks. Regular updates may bring new tracks, cars, and features for enhanced gameplay. Here's a guide to the controls and how to play:


Controls Guide:

Keyboard Controls:

  • Arrow Keys: Steer the car left or right.
  • Up Arrow: Accelerate to increase speed.
  • Down Arrow: Apply brakes or reverse.
  • Spacebar: Use for handbrake or drifting.
  • R: Reset the car if stuck or crashed.
  • C: Change the camera view for different perspectives.
  • P: Pause the game to take a break.

Mouse Controls:

  • Move Mouse: Control car direction by moving the mouse left or right.
  • Left Click: Use boost or nitro for extra speed.
  • Right Click: Perform a stunt or flip the car in mid-air.

How to Play Amazing Car Stunt Track:

1. Choose Your Car:

  • Start by selecting your preferred car from the available options.
  • Each car might have different attributes like speed, handling, and stability.

2. Select a Track:

  • Pick a challenging track from the selection of impossible tracks.
  • Tracks may vary in complexity, elevation changes, and obstacles.

3. Begin the Race:

  • Once on the track, focus on the road ahead and prepare for extreme racing.
  • Use the accelerator to gain speed and maneuver carefully to avoid falling off.

4. Perform Stunts and Jumps:

  • Take advantage of ramps and jumps to perform thrilling stunts.
  • Use nitro boosts strategically to gain an edge over opponents or beat time limits.

5. Avoid Hazards:

  • Watch out for obstacles such as loops, twists, and gaps in the tracks.
  • Maintain control and balance to prevent the car from tumbling off the track.

6. Race Against Time or Opponents:

  • Compete against the clock in time trial mode to set new records.
  • Challenge other AI-controlled cars in race modes for intense competition.

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