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Surviving in the Woods

Surviving in the Woods

Surviving in the Woods is a survival game set in a wild forest where players must navigate their surroundings, gather resources, and build shelter to endure in the wilderness.


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Surviving in the Woods is a survival game set in a wild forest where your primary objective is to endure the challenges of the environment. Armed with only an axe, you must gather resources and build a shelter to stay safe. The game features two locations: a day forest and a night forest, each presenting unique challenges.


Here's a basic guide on how to play and the controls:

Controls Guide:

  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move your character.
  • Space Bar: Jump.
  • Shift: Run.
  • E: Pick up items.
  • R: Drop an item.
  • Left Mouse Button: Build structures or cut down trees.
  • Esc/P: Pause the game.

How to Play:

  1. Survival Basics: Navigate through the forest using the movement controls. Keep an eye on your character's health, and be cautious of potential dangers.

  2. Resource Gathering: Gather resources from the environment, such as wood from trees. Use the axe to cut down trees and collect wood.

  3. Building Shelter: Utilize the collected resources to build a shelter. This can provide protection from the elements and potential threats in the forest.

  4. Day and Night Cycle: The game features two locations, a day forest, and a night forest. Adapt your strategies based on the time of day, as nighttime may pose additional challenges.

  5. Interaction: Use the interaction key (E) to pick up items from the ground or interact with objects in the environment.

  6. Running and Jumping: Use the run (Shift) and jump (Space Bar) functions to navigate terrain and evade potential dangers.

  7. Pause: Press the Escape key (Esc) or P to pause the game. This can be useful for managing your inventory, assessing your situation, or taking a break.


  • Prioritize building a shelter early in the game to protect against the elements.
  • Collect a variety of resources to ensure you have what you need for crafting and survival.
  • Be cautious at night, as the environment may become more challenging with reduced visibility.

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